Dedication at Grand pas

I am cute. So cute that you can’t resist holding me. As of now am almost three months old and am already a handful.  We went to church today for the first time.  Pastor Ashish was there and prayed for me. Dad and mom were so happy  
Pastor said children are a gift from god and it is a great responsibility to bring them up in God’s ways. Dad spoke about how he is Lord’s favorite son as he is lucky to have me 😉 He testified that God was and is always good to him.
As its my first day in church we gave cup cakes and chips to all. All adults ate cakes and all kids loved the chips we got. I got so many compliments today. I look so good in my pink dress. Dad wore coffee colored tee and jeans while mom wore her new green top.
Grandpa, God was really good to me and my family.  Thank you Lord.

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