My  first rattle



I learnt how to play with the toys ( a monkey and a hippo ) on the rocker 🙂

I kick them, hit them with my hands 🙂 We named the Monkey  ‘Amelia’ and the Hippo ‘Bedelia’.

Nail cutting!

Dad tried to cut my nails today. I bled a little. He was devastated 😦 Mom was shocked. Dad said sorry many times. And kissed me. I was very brave. I didn’t make a sound at all.

Its ok Dad. Love you mom.


Dad got so many pics today. I look superb!

Month will select new pics and ask dad to print too!

You have to wait for my pics though 🙂


We went to doctor today. Dr. Bharath was good. I grew taller from the last visit.

Two injections. Apparently painless but by evening I got slight fever. I was brave and didn’t cry at all. I just smiled 🙂 Dad took a leave today. When dad takes leave, mom is super happy.

Mom, dad and ammamma stayed with me all day. I couldn’t sleep on the bed. Dad or mom were holding me all through the day.

Ammamma came up with the idea of holding a wet cloth to my injection. It helped alleviate my pain and slept off blissfully. Thank you ammamma. Love you!

Aaaaa Maaaaa

Mom is teaching me to speak already. I can make sounds that mimic hers. Mom is teaching me to say Amma and I am learning in bits.

She likes when I am active and pout my lips. I could pronounce Aaaaa and Maaaa separately! Mom was so happy and clapped.

Ammamma is sick today. She was too tired today. Dad made breakfast, lunch and they had scrambled eggs and prawns for lunch. Dinner was rasam! Both ammamma and mom take good care of me and get so tired attending to me.

Evvaru Chesiri

Mom sang a new song for me today.

Evvaru chesiri chukkalanu chukkalanu
Evvaru chesiri chukkalanu chukkalanu
Evvaru chesiri chukkalanu chukkalanu

I love how she acts when she tries to show flowers, stars with her hands 🙂

Praise God!